Puppetry in and from the Netherlands

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NVP-UNIMA: Unima Netherlands

There are 30 residential puppet theatres, about 300 puppet theatre companies, (about 10 % professional). The 300 members (puppeteers, museums, theatres, puppet builders, amateurs and teachers) are autonomous in organizing activities. NVP-UNIMA stimulates all performances given by amateurs and professionals in schools, shopping centres, theatres, at birthday parties at home, on the streets, all the workshops, all the research, special projects like our cultural heritage and the use of puppets in education. The work has to be done by volunteers.
From left to right: Koos Wieman, Sigrid de Reus - Secretary, (secretaris@poppenspelers.nl) Ron Holst - Treasurer, editor monthly newsletter and webmaster; Frouke van Zomeren; Alexander Bauwens - President; Koos Wieman and Marlieke Schoorl.
The four Dutch councillors
for the period 2016 - 2020 are Otto van der Mieden, Martine van Ditzhuyzen, Ron Holst and Frans Hakkemars,. UNIMA@poppenspelers.nl Darja de Caluwe is supplementary UNIMA councillor and vice-president of the Women Commission.
The policy plan of NVP-UNIMA 2015 emphasizes Communication by website, newsletter and social media; Publications by Magazine and Library; International contacts, PR and sourcing for active members and financial support, Networking, Education and the Structure of the organization. In 2015 UNIMA Netherlands celebrated her 60th birthday. We published an agenda with information about Dutch Puppetry and organized an international festival EU-regio in Heerlen with our neighboring UNIMA centers from Germany and Belgium -The Wim Meilink Award for Puppetry has been revived and awarded to the www.Amstelveenspoppentheater.nl

The UNIMA Netherlands digital:
Magazine: ?The World of Puppetry? (WP), appears 4 times a year in Dutch and you can read or download the issues on line. Editor martinevanditzhuyzen@outlook.com

Libraries and museums
Education and support

Dutch professional theatre ?Fonds Podiumkunsten Performing Art fund NL? gives information about professional theatre in the Netherlands, including information about Dutch professional puppetry. www.fondspodiumkunsten.nl.
The centre for international cooperation is www.dutchculture.nl Assitej Netherlands, ASSITEJ the international organisation for professional youth theatre , www.assitej-international.org includes professional puppetry .
Some impresario?s for puppettheatre are: www.jeugdtheatergroepen.nl ; www.theaterbureaufrijns.nl ; www.stipproducties.nl ; www.dereustotaal.nl ; www.sttprodukties.nl ; and www.steenimpresariaat.nl
Further information
More information about the NVP-UNIMA can be obtained from our General Secretary, Sigrid de Reus, secretaris@poppenspelers.nl, or one of the four councillors UNIMA@poppenspelers.nl

Festivals in the Netherlands

There are 4 international Puppetry Festivals in the Netherlands
  1. Amsterdam, annual Poparts Festival, 7th version 14 – 24 April 2016: www.popartsfestival.nl,
  2. Meppel, bi-annual, 5 – 9 October 2016 Puppet International: www.puppetinternational.nl
  3. Harderwijk, bi-annual paper theater , 6th 13 - 15 May 2015, next in 2017 around May www.vischmarktpapierentheater.nl
  4. Dordrecht, Het Internationaal Micro Festival vindt plaats op 2 - 4 september 2016 www.poppentheaterdamiet.nl .

There are 2 regional puppetry festivals
  1. Amersfoort, 3 - 4,annual Sept 2016: www.poppeninhetpark.nl
  2. in Roermond, annual, storytelling and puppetry: www.vertelfestivalroermond.nl
There are lots of festivals where puppetry is one of the disciplines programmed.

Dutch puppetry! Living and strong as always!

Last update March 2016

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Frouke, Alexander, Marlieke

councillors f.l.t.r Otto, Martine, Ron, Frans

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